Google Thanksgiving Report Helps People Avoid Traffic and Crowds

With having millions of people traveling all around the world, long distances, in a hurry to visit friends and family, Thanksgiving traffic can be an utterly terrifying scenario.

Google Maps already offers information about how crowded or congested the roads are on usual days, and now the team has released a report specifically for Thanksgiving that lets people know about the busiest periods before and after the public holiday.

In addition to traffic, the report also tells about historically busy times at movie theaters and shopping centers so that one can avoid standing in the queues.

The conclusions of the report regarding the busiest times to travel are not going to be a surprise. On Wednesday, between 3 to 4 PM, was the worst time to travel, but Friday and Saturday afternoons also had spikes.

If you’re looking forward to traveling long, Google recommends making your journey in the morning, although its report notes and remarks on the variations between different locations.

Outside of road traffic, this Thanksgiving report also contains information about when specific attractions are the most occupied. Movie theaters are mainly asked on Friday afternoon, while liquor stores and bakeries spike in the run-up to the holiday as folks stock up for the Thanksgiving dinner.

In the popularity of searches, the State variations for different attractions have been especially peculiar. Although Google notes that tree farms and outlet malls are trendy searches on Maps nationwide over the weekend, in California, city courthouses spike in fame and popularity on Friday without any disclosure, while the West Virginia state has been particularly used to locating sandwich shops.

Although, Google doesn’t show whether its holiday data will be rolled into Google Maps accurately, yet it’s worth investing time to take a look at the report as you plan for this year’s celebrations.

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